Reclaim your life from
bad habits.

Become the person that you aspire to be - one habit at a time.

Unlock your potential

This isn't your typical self-help course.

What makes us different

Designed for the busy.

Hours and hours of lessons? Ain't nobody got time for that.

This was built with you in mind - it's low overhead and accomodates any schedule.

It only takes 15 minutes every week.

Money where our mouth is.

It's free to join. Pay us at the end if you see improvements.

Plus, your penalty goes to charity (not us), unlike other accountability platforms.

That means we only succeed when you do.

Compassionate accountability.

It's ok to have a cheat day - we understand that no one is perfect.

But we also know that you need skin in the game.

That's why you're only held accountable for tracking your progress, not hitting all your goals.

A business model that's aligned with you.

Unlike the alternatives

Content Creators

Influencers don't benefit from your self-improvement. They profit off your engagement.

They need you hooked on the content drip. But if you succeed, you'll stop going back.

Accountability Platforms

Accountability platforms take a cut of your penalty. That means they are incentivized for you to fail.

100% of your penalties in Habit Gym go to charity (not us).


They are expensive, hard to find and time-consuming.

Habit Gym is always open, low-overhead (15 minutes/week) and risk-free (pay what you want).

Wall of Love

What people are saying

"Completely changed my life. It's actually kind of mind-blowing to think it's only been a month. A month ago I was struggling with procrastination and addiction. I was actively aware that the things I was doing were detrimental to my goals but it was like I didn't care, I didn't have any discipline at all.

Now here I am being so productive I'm scheduling my days down to half an hour and can really see my goals becoming more obtainable by the day. I've been through some shit this past month but it's nice to finally be on the other side with insanely positive changes."

Dylan T

"I feel like my life has changed for the better already. Self compassion has been a game changer for me. I was carrying so much baggage from past failures, from underachieving. It's so frustrating when you really WANT to do better, but can't seem to. It's even worse when people you love start seeing you as lazy, unmotivated, as a loser who cant be bothered with making an effort. It's been tough. I honestly believed that there was something broken inside me.

I am working on my processes. I am forgiving myself every day. I have belief in myself for the first time in forever. I am being kind and patient with myself."

Arnold M

"I am proud of my mental health progress of being able to love myself more and be more forgiving. I have never been able to talk to myself as a close friend. I used to only reprimand myself. But now, I am finally able to give myself the time off when I need, which I am very proud of.

My biggest vice was my phone. My relationship with my phone changed in the sense where I do not feel like I am held captive of it as much as last time. I am now able to spend less time on my phone without feeling lost."

Kels M

"I feel that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to."


"I feel better about myself and actually motivated to continue working on focusing on myself for a change."

Nicole K

"I have been able to let go, take some time for myself, and check in with myself about how I'm feeling and what I need."

Nicole F

"Like many, I've been struggling with motivation throughout the pandemic and was having a really hard time getting it together. To my surprise, I found this program incredibly effective and helpful. It enabled me to put positive habits into place that I continue to this day. I recommend it to anyone looking to add structure or new habits into their life."


"I am much more consistent in making space for "me time". I also learned to listen to myself - both my body and my mental state - and be more attuned to how I was feeling and why. Through the insights I gained from the program, I feel more equipped to make changes to adjust and optimistic about my ability to maintain my progress."

Vice President, Google

"It successfully shifted my focus from hypothetical grand plans to smaller actions that make an impact in the present. As a result, I am better at disconnecting from work and exercising more frequently. I am also more excited and committed to my self-care compared to a month ago."

Director, Google

"It transformed my sleep and phone habits - I feel very healthy now. 8 hours of sleep with no phone time in bed is my new normal and my screen time has gone down by 30 percent."

Director, Google

"My brain feels less foggy and more relaxed. Learning to be kind to myself in the face of failure has been a HUGE step in allowing myself to grow and develop better habits."


"The program plants the seed of habit reformation into your mind -- and even if you don't see the results and tall, green stock you're chasing, it's still taking root and subtly encouraging you to keep trying -- and reminding you that it is possible to create change for oneself."

Built for change-seekers.

It's perfect for you if

You need to make a change, but don't know where to begin.
You are ambitious, but held back by your habits.
You start off strong on your goals, but can't stick to them.
You are a perfectionist that struggles to get started.
You are a self-improvement nerd looking to apply what you've learned.

It's not a good fit if

You don't want to be held accountable.
You are looking for a quick fix.
You prefer to read about habit change instead of acting on it.
You are seeking 1:1 support from an expert or licensed professional.

How It Works


The program runs for 30 days. Next one is starting on Fri, Dec 9.

Registration is free, but requires a credit card.

Your card is only used to hold you accountable (explained next). You are not charged on sign-up.


Every week on Friday, we send a check-in to help you goal-set and reflect on your progress.

Through the week, you work on the goal and apply what you learned in the check-in. This compounds your growth.

Your card is charged to charity (not us) for every missed check-in1. It's due every Sunday and only takes 15 minutes. Skin in the game!



In 30 days, you improved your life and gained the tools to sustain the progress.

Pay us what it was worth and only if you see results. We only make money if you succeed.

1 You are only required to submit the check-in, not succeed with your goals. See the FAQs.

Why It Works

Our guiding principles

Bias Towards Action

Every week, you make tangible progress towards your goals.

Application is more powerful than theory.

Tight Feedback Loop

From each mistake, you learn how to do better next time. This compounds over time.

Failure is something to be embraced, not ignored.

External Accountability

Intrinsic motivation is limited.

Financial accountability gives you the extra push that you need.


Program Overview

Runs from Fri, Dec 9 to Sun, Jan 8.

Free to join. Pay what you want at the end.

Weekly check-ins only take 15 minutes.

They are due every Sunday by 11:59pm (any TZ).

$100 to charity (not us) for each missed check-in.


The program is free to join. Your credit card will not be charged upon registration. However, we need your card to donate to charity on your behalf only if you don't complete the program. This increases your chance of success by 600% by adding skin in the game.

Nope. As long as you complete all the check-ins on time, you won’t be charged. We believe in self-compassion, understanding and self-love over anything else, including hitting external goals. Sustainable growth and success not only starts with those things, but it requires them.

The weekly check-ins only take 15 minutes to complete - you can do them whenever, but they are due every Sunday. That’s it!

By default, it goes to GiveDirectly. We are not affiliated with them. If you have another preference, please email us at

The program is focused on application, not theory. There will be very limited content and just enough structure for you to grow at your own pace.

No. To minimize our bookkeeping and legal costs, we do not provide tax receipts.

In order to reduce the number of transaction fees incurred, we accumulate the contributions and make the charitable donations en masse during the holiday season at the end of each calendar year.

Shoot us an email at!

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